At Oxhey First school, our aim is to ensure all children are supported in order that they may work confidently towards reaching their full potential. We strongly believe in the role of Quality First Teaching and curriculum entitlement for all children, regardless of their ability or background. We intend to remove barriers to learning, raise expectations and levels of achievement and work in partnership with other agencies to achieve this. Please see the links below to access more information on the Local Offer (external agency support) and our school Information Report and SEND Policy.

Local Offer:

Send Information Report:

OXHEY CFLP information report Spring 2021.docx

Send Policy:

SEND policy 2021 Oxhey

Quick guide to the SEND Code of Practice:




COVID 19 - Government recommended websites for supporting SEND pupils:



General resources and ICT support for SEND pupils:

online education resources for children with SEND

SEND-specific resources for learning from home from Tech Ability


Specific resources for pupils with ASD and sensory difficulties:

advice on supporting children with a learning disability or autistic spectrum disorder (ASD)

coronavirus educational resources


SEMH | St Josephs Wetherby

For resources to support children's Social and Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) during COVID 19 and at other times, please see the SEMH drop-down box below. 



At Oxhey, looking after our children's mental health and emotional well-being is a key priority. Social and Emotional Mental Health (SEMH) includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. If you feel your child requires support with their mental health please speak to your child's class teacher or Mrs Holt, as Inclusion Lead. The SEMH pathway below outlines the support we are able to offer as a school. Parents/carers may also find the links below useful.






During the pandemic, ensuring our emotional and mental wellbeing is in good health, is particularly important. Please contact your child's class teacher or Mrs Holt if you or your child require support at this time - we are here to help however we can. Alternatively, please see the links below for external support available within North Staffordshire.

North Staffordshire's Children and Young People's Mental Health Support Pathway



Combined Well-being support


Parent virtual drop-in sessions with Trailblazers 2021:

Trailblazers Parent Drop In poster

Parent Support Group Poster (1)


Supporting you and your child through lockdown (including establishing routines)



You may also find the following activities and resources useful to keep mentally and emotionally well at this difficult time:


corona virus book

How to cope with Lockdown

health-and-wellbeing during Coronavirus

mindful minute mind break cards




The Mental Health Support Team from North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust 'Trailblazers' is now working within our school. This team consists of Educational Mental Health Practitioners and Mental Health Practitioners with a variety of qualifications such as school nurses, social workers and mental health nurses. This team aims to work with our school promoting positive well-being, preventing poor mental health and raising awareness of mental health.

The team will be offering one to one interventions or group work with children and young people over a short period of time, these sessions are aimed to equip children and young people with the tools to effectively maintain positive well-being. The team will work with children and young people around topics such as; worry management, low mood, exam stress, anxiety, difficulties with emotions, panic management, coping strategies, sleep, behavioural difficulties and problem solving.

The team will also be supporting parents/ carers so that children and young people feel able to talk to adults about how they are feeling, normalising discussions around mental health and reducing stigma. The team will also offer parent workshops, parent drop in’s and support to implement strategies in the home environment.


Links to external mental health support for children and young people:

Summer Virtual Drop in Session Poster Staffordshire Moorlands

Useful Links

Visyon Wellbeing Activities week commencing 01 06 20

CAMHS services


Happy Mind, Healthy Me! is a community-led programme of events, unique to Oxhey, which are designed to promote wellness. Children and families can participate in these together. Please see the 'children' page 'parental engagement' section for further details.


Useful information to support children's transition to their next phase of learning:


Transitions handout primary to secondary/middle

Also see 'positive mental health and well-being resources' under the 'children' tab, in the 'homework' section for further resources to support well-being during COVID 19

At Oxhey, we recognise the importance of speech, language and communication as an essential skill for learning and building friendships. While all children develop and different rates, some will require additional support to boost their language and communication skills. The resources below indicate how you could help your child at home and provide links to useful websites you may wish to explore. If you are concerned about your child's developmental language then please see Mrs Holt, Inclusion Lead, or you child's class teacher.


GeneralLeaflet for parents 4-5

How I may help my child at home with speech and language development

Recommended websites to support speech and language development

Stoke Speaks Out Staged Pathway




At Oxhey First School we are committed to meeting the needs of all pupils to ensure that they make the best possible progress.  As all children progress at different rates, there may be times when a teacher feels a child may benefit from an intervention group which would be in addition to every day class teaching.  In some cases, this may be because we feel a child is not completely reaching their potential and may need ‘a little extra push’ or it may be to ‘catch up’ in a particular area.

It may be appropriate for your child to receive small group support either inside or outside of the classroom setting.  Your child will work with their class teacher, TA or occasionally another member of staff and a programme of work will have been planned for your child that will aim to close any gaps or misconceptions that have arisen in their learning.  Intervention will normally last for a period of 6 weeks. We measure the children’s abilities at the beginning and then at the end of the intervention, which shows us whether the intervention has had an impact and what will be our next steps.


There are a number of different interventions that may take place to support the needs of your child, including:

  • Phonics and word building
  • Reading and spelling
  • Fine-motor skills
  • Learning new information and concepts
  • Working with numbers and the number system
  • Working memory
  • Concentration
  • Organisation
  • Balance and coordination
  • Speech and language

If you are concerned about your child's development, you may find the links on the document below useful.

Where can I find help if I am concerned about my child?