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OO parent - I just wanted to send all my positive feedback to you at the end of a really tough week. It's been so well structured and organised. For us here, the workload has been enough to provide that 'push' without being exhausting. Thank you so much.

MM parent - Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all you are doing. We have been so impressed with the work content and support you have all given. You're doing an amazing job!!!

MM parent - Thank you for everybody's hard work. You are all amazing. Thank you for supporting me and my child through this. I couldn't wish for a better school for her.

DD parent - I just want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to you and Mrs Petznick for everything you're doing to support our child with his home learning. I think you're both amazing at what you do and your passion for education emanates.

SS parent -  I just wanted to email to say how fantastic the home learning resources have been and just how lovely it has been for our child to watch videos of Mrs Holt & Mrs Bibby delivering phonics, lessons etc. It's all so well organised and well explained and although I'm, no home schooling pro, even I am managing to navigate my way around the online activity and Microsoft Teams folders. The daily class class are also brilliant and a great way for our child to still see her friends, making her a happier girl. I appreciate it must be a huge stress with children in and children out of school but we are really grateful.

Video - explaining the one way system in school